Violins for Sale

We have over 30 advanced level violins available.  Here's a partial list:   

  • Julio Gattone model 100 
This Stradivarius pattern violin looks good and sounds good. It comes as a complete outfit--violin, case, and bow for just $900.
  • Yunzhan Du model 3A

You can see this violin is beautiful, but it also sounds great.  The outfit--violin, case, and bow--is $1480. 


Under $3000

    • Eastman Strings model 619
    • Camillo Callegari
    • Ettore Callegari:
    • Callegari violins  inspire advancing students. The Camillo uses Chinese tonewood; the Ettore Callegari has European tonewood.  They sound warm and deep.  

    Under $4000

    • Salvatore Callegari
    • Global Violins model 500
    • Ignazio Emilietti 
    • Unlabeled French ca. 1920 

    Under $5000

    • Global violins model 1000

    Under $10,000

    • Markneukirchen, ca. 1925 attributed to Paul Knorr.
    • Angela Testore-villa 2020

    We have one of these hard to come by violins available.  A very small number are made each year. The first 70% of the work is done by students/apprentices of one of the most highly renowned American violinmakers, Marilyn Wallin.  Ms. Wallin then voices the plates and does the bracing and final assembly.  Next she turns to the finishing work: her proprietary wood treatment and varnishing for beauty of appearance and tone.  She then sets-up the violin with the most beautiful fittings. The result is an instrument with an ease of playing and luscious tone similar to Ms. Wallin's signature artist level instruments. This violin is suitable for the most serious students, professionals, or any player who wants the treat of playing an exceptional instrument.  Want to come try it out?  Give us a call or email!