Shop Hours

During our unexpected vacation:

Under the rules of the emergency we cannot have customers come in to our shop, but we have a work-around.   If you can come to our shop (15 Nason Street in Maynard)  for certain  services we can make a no-contact exchange on the sidewalk.   So we can do some repairs, bow rehairing, even tuning  (for beginners who are stuck)  etc.  Let's just arrange it by email.

For those who have no school or work, this disaster has created an opportunity to do lots of practicing!  If you want to give your beginner musicians something to do, drop us an email, and we can send some materials that will be easy and fun to try.



In normal times, and someday:

Monday, by appointment; Wednesday 10:00-3:30; Tuesday and Thursday 10:00-4:00, Friday 10:00-4:00;  Saturday 12:30-2:30*.  Other times available by appointment.  (*Saturday youth orchestra rehearsals 10:30-12:30.)

It's simple to reserve an instrument; just visit our rentals page!   

For appointments:  978-897-6382, or