We hope you have been enjoying the sounds of string playing around your house this year! 

If your child will be continuing their music, please scroll down to the bottom of this page to see how to extend your rental.  

If your child is stopping and will not be continuing next year, you will want to return the instrument and end your rental. To return the instrument leave it at school after the last music lesson. Please find your school in the list below for the specific location.

Check that the instrument case still has your child's name on the luggage tag.  If the tag has been lost please mark the case (using masking tape works) with your name so we will see you have returned the instrument.  

The dates below will be our last school service visits until September. 

Concord Public School: Pick-up return Friday June 16th 

Alcott Elementary School: June 16th (instrument storage room)
Thoreau Elementary School: June 16th (Practice room)
Willard Elementary School:June 16th (practice room)
Sanborn and Peabody Middle Schools:   June 16th (main office)

Beverly Public School: Pick-up return Tuesday June 20th

Ayers Ryal Side Elementary School (Main Office)
Cove Elementary School(Main Office)
Hannah Elementary School (Main Office)
North Beverly Elementary School (Main Office)
Briscoe Middle School (Main Office)
Beverly High School (Main Office)

Andover Pubic School: Pick-up date is Thursday June 22nd 

Bancroft Elementary School (Music Room on 2nd Floor)
High Plain Elementary School (Stage off of the Cafeteria)
Sanborn Elementary School (Music Room)
South Elementary School (Kindergarten Lobby)
West Elementary School (back of the Auditorium)
Wood Hill Middle School (main office)
Andover West Middle School (main office)
Andover High School (main office)
Milton Public School: Pick-up return Monday June 19
Collicot Elementary School (music room on June 19)
Cunningham Elementary School (music room on June 19)
Glover Elementary School (music room on June 19)
Tucker Elementary School (music room on June 19)

Billerica Public School: Pick-up date is Thursday June 22
Ditson Elementary School (Main Office)
Dutile Elementary School (Main Office)
Hajjar Elementary School (Main Office)
Kennedy Elementary School (Main Office)
Parker Elementary School (Main Office)
Vining Elementary School (Main Office)
Locke Middle School (Main Office)
Marshall Middle School (Main Office)
Billerica Memorial High School (Main Office)

Sudbury Public School: Two pick-ups;  4th graders who NOT continuing, Friday June 9th;  for everyone else who is not continuing, the pick-up return is Tuesday, June 20th. 
Haynes Elementary School(Main Office)
Loring Elementary school(Main Office)
Nixon Elementary(Main Office)
Peter Noyes Elementary School(Main Office)
Ephraim Curtis Middle School (Main Office)

Sharon Public School: pick-up return is  Friday, June 23rd
Heights Elementary School (main office)
Cottage Elementary School (main office)
East Elementary School(main office)

Winchester Public School: Pick-up return is Thursday, June 22  
Please leave instruments at the school main office.

Ambrose Elementary School(Main Office)
Lincoln Elementary School(Main Office)
Lynch Elementary School(Main Office)
Muraco Elementary School(Main Office)
Vinson-Owen Elementary School(Main Office)
McCall Middle School(Main Office)
Winchester High School(Main Office)

If you miss the school pick-ups you will have to ship or bring the instrument (by appointment) to our place in Maynard. Please contact us to arrange this. (978-897-6382 or

And oh!  Thanks for choosing Spencer Brook Strings!

If your child will continue-Hooray!  How nice that your child is enjoying playing music!
You have options about extending your rental: You can extend, renting monthly with automatic payments by credit card, or you can switch to an annual rental, which will give you some savings.  If we don't hear from you about extending, your account will default to a monthly plan.  (You can switch it later.)
            Monthly      Annual    Savings
Violin    $23.00      $234.00     $42.00
Viola     $24.00      $243.00     $45.00
Cello     $39.00      $399.00     $69.00
Bass (sm/lg)  $55/59    $455/670    $205/39
*Prices include insurance and maintenance.  
Contact us to confirm your choice for continuing--by email or call 978-897-6382.