Violins for Sale



Here's a partial list of currently available violins:   

  • Julio Gattone model 100 
This Stradivarius pattern violin looks good and sounds good. It comes as a complete outfit--violin, case, and bow for just $900.
  • Yunzhan Du model 3A
You can see this violin is beautiful, but it also sounds great.  The outfit--violin, case, and bow--is $1480. 



Under $3000

  • Angel Strings model 900

This violin from Angels Strings sounds warm and sweet.  

    • Eastman Strings model 619
    • Camillo Callegari

    Callegari violins  inspire advancing students. The Camillo uses Chinese tonewood. We like the brilliant sound of  this violin.

    Under $3000

    • Ettore Callegari
    • Eastman model 619

    From the Eastman Strings “Master” series.  This violin has a beautiful ringing tone.

    Under $4000

    • Salvatore Callegari
    • Ignazio Emilietti
    • L. G. Chen

    Under $5000

    • Jonathan Li

    Jonathan Li VL503